Let's work together to build sustainable, lifelong skills to foster a positive relationship with food, movement and your body, so that you can "walk away better, more free, more present, more connected to food, and to the joyful experience of eating, from being in our caring presence."

Nutrition Therapy

The approach of The Intuitive Dietitian Clinic is deeply rooted in the philosophies of Health At Every Size. Combining Intuitive Eating, Weight Inclusive Medical Nutrition Therapy, and Body Respect, we pride ourselves on focussing on your overall health and wellbeing, rather than your weight/size, in all services. Appointments are available via Face-to-face at the Clinic, Online from anywhere in the world, and Home Visits are available depending on circumstance.

We will meet you where you are at and work together to foster a positive relationship with food, movement and your body through developing and moulding life long skills to combat diet culture, cultivate sustainable self-care practices, develop healthy habits and practice gentle nutrition. Learn more about our approach below.

Intuitive Eating Counseling

Intuitive Eating is the core expertise of The Intuitive Dietitian Clinic, and despite your reasoning for coming to the Clinic, Intuitive Eating is almost always integrated into the work we'll do together. Connecting to your body's internal wisdom is at the heart of The Clinic, and Intuitive Eating is just this -  learning to honour your hunger and fullness cues, making food enjoyable and satisfying again, practicing gentle nutrition and overall fostering a positive relationship with food and the eating experience.

Weight Inclusive Medical Nutrition Therapy

Every client that walks through the door has a unique background and circumstance. Our holistic approach to health involves using gentle nutrition as a tool for sustainable self-care to recover from disordered eating, an eating disorder, manage a gastrointestinal condition (such as IBS & Coeliac Disease), etc. MNT is completely individualized to meet your current situation and stage of life.

Body Respect

Food and body shame are inextricably linked. One often comes with the other. This is why The Intuitive Dietitian Clinic is deeply rooted in HAES*. Your body deserves dignity and respect, no matter what. No matter the size or shape, and no matter what others may have told you. Developing body respect is a fundamental aspect  and an essential part of the healing process. We offer a kind and compassionate space to help you process your own thoughts and feelings around your body and provide you with skills and tools to help release body shame.

1:1 Consultations

60 min consult


60 minute consultation

40 min consult




40 minute consultation

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Individual Intuitive Eating Package

10 Principles of Intuitive Eating explored across a 6 month program

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Group Intuitive Eating Package

Click here to download an information leaflet on the Group Intuitive Eating Package.

Group Intuitive Eating Therapy has been designed as a way to make this service more accessible to those where financial situations may be challenging. However, outside of it being a more affordable option to individual consultations, additional benefits include connection/bonding with those on the same journey as you, and learning through group collaboration including others lived experiences/reflections as well as your own.