Intuitive Dietitian Nutritionist Tweed Heads Gold Coast
Intuitive Dietitian Nutritionist Tweed Heads Gold Coast

Core Purpose

"The enjoyment of knowing that you have walked away better, more free, more present, more connected to food, your body & movement, and to the joyful experience of eating, from being in our caring presence."



To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Guiding Key Principles

Evidence Based Practice

We aim to keep up to date with the latest evidence based research & guidelines. Constantly reviewing and identifying how best to put this knowledge into practice. 

Client Journeys

We are constantly learning from our clients stories, backgrounds, experiences and successes. Not only are these experiences rewarding, but always insightful.

Back to basics

Despite the confusing messages we are constantly bombarded with daily, nutrition is quite simple. We help you to get back in touch with your own body signals to guide meal times and food choices.

Client Focused

There is no 'one size fits all' when it comes to health. Health means different things to each person and we believe that working through an individualised approach in order to help people find their true physical, mental and emotional health is of great importance.

Professional Development

We are constantly seeking out the latest presentations, workshops, conferences, shadowing and mentor opportunities so as to remain continually educated. We are always looking for ways to enhance our skills so as to better aid in helping and understanding our clients.

Health is not determined by the # on the scales

& your weight does not determine your worth. Body weight & size are not accurate measures of a persons health (this is backed up by a lot of evidence). Additionally, your body size and weight does not determine your value in this world. You are so much more than a # on the scales!

Food plays so many diverse, beautiful roles in this life. We eat for many different reasons. At different stages of our life, we may explore different roles but of great importance is a foundational awareness that food is here to be enjoyed & not induce a negative reaction (nothing is worth disordered eating).

Diets, in all their (sometimes sneaky) forms instil some type of fear. At the end of the day, all forms of dieting are a type of 'forced' starvation, and our bodies are HARD-WIRED for SURVIVAL. When you restrict types and amounts of foods, your body heads into survival mode, and this is when bingeing, over-eating and uncontrollable cravings occur.

Intuitive Dietitian Nutritionist Tweed Heads Gold Coast


When in the presence of another, there will be understanding, trust, comfortability and a feeling of belonging.

Intuitive Dietitian Nutritionist Tweed Heads Gold Coast


We challenge ourselves everyday to cultivate an atmosphere of empathy and understanding, providing a kind and loving environment for all that is free from judgement.

Intuitive Dietitian Nutritionist Tweed Heads Gold Coast


We will grow by stepping outside our comfort zone and embrace the un-comfortability that comes with this, because we are committed to progressing and bettering ourselves as human beings.