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Why dieting doesn't work

Main reason why diets don’t work: Autonomy

When you go on a diet, your need to assert your autonomy overrides and is stronger than your need to lose weight. This seems shocking, right?

This factor has to do with the internal violation that dieting represents, and the emotional boundaries issues that insue.

What does this mean - what are boundaries?

Robert Frost once said “Good fences make good neighbours”.

We know fences set up the boundaries to keep people in and out of your yard perhaps.

As an adult, you have a sense of freedom and autonomy.

You set up your own psychological boundaries about what to think, what to believe in, and what to eat….

In the world of dieting, the external rules of the diet cross over into the boundary that protects all of your personal eating wisdom.

No diet, and no diet counselor can possibly know when you’re hungry, what you feel like eating, or when you're full.

The simple act of stepping across your personal, psychological boundary can trigger so many thoughts and feelings and actions of rebellion.

You're being told what to do, and you react against that.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with you when you’ve failed at a diet.

You’re actually psychologically healthy.

You're protecting your personal wisdom when you react against the diet with rebellion.

Of course, diets won’t work if your main goal is to protect your autonomy.

Feel assured you're psychologically healthy if diets don’t work for you.

When you go through letting go of dieting you may go through a process of mourning.

There’s been many pay offs for you and now you’re choosing to let go.

It's normal to feel sad when you let go of dieting.

There’s no failure in this process.

Only learning.

Each experience you have is an opportunity to check out what works for you and what doesn’t work.

Come from a place of curiosity, not judgement.

This is a process with its own path, the more you try to control it, the more difficult it will be.

Let it happen in it's own way.

Your job is to mindful and observant, not controlling.

The Intuitive Dietitian xx

- Elyse Resch

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