• Monique Jephcote

Wholemeal brekky burger with fried tomato

Updated: Apr 20, 2019


- 1 wholemeal English mcmuffin (2 halves)

- Handful of spinach and mushrooms

- 1 whole tomato

- 1 egg

- Avocado


Cook the spinach, mushrooms, and tomato (cut in half and placed flat down on frypan) in extra virgin olive oil (or non stick pan)

Meanwile cut the English muffin in half and toast, spread avocado on the sides of the toast

Transfer spinach and mushrooms on to 1 side of the English muffin, place the tomato halves on the side.

Fry the egg in pan and once cooked place on top of the spinach/mushrooms, and place the other English mcmuffin half on top!

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