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When you think you're not dieting but you are

Pseudo-dieting. When you think you’re not dieting but you actually are.


I don’t like the word “diet”. I prefer to refer to a “diet mentality” or “diet mindset”. I feel this way because many behaviours that often accompany dieting CAN actually be undertaken without a dieting mindset.


For example, let’s use exercise. You can have someone who exercises everyday driven by a fear that they will get fat if they don’t, they exercise through sickness because of the anxiety felt by a missed day, so forth - this is a diet mentality (harmful) (needs some unpacking). But you can have someone who exercises everyday for enjoyment, for how it makes their body and mind feel, they rest when sick and anxiety is NOT felt for missing a session - there is no diet mindset present here (helpful).


When I use the word “diet” and it being unhelpful/harmful, I am referring to the diet “mentality” and diet “mindset” present. I would somewhat argue that most of the well-known diets that spring to your mind generally endorse this diet mindset and diet mentality (even sub-consciously) when you undertake them. That’s why I’ll never be pro-diet. I’ve seen the damage in too many people’s lives (including my own) + it’s evidence based - they just doonnn’ttt work! We are as sure as that in the research as anything. We are as sure as that as we are that smoking causes cancer! #levelAevidence


Furthermore, many people do not believe themselves to be dieting unless it’s a labelled diet like that of keto, intermittent fasting or paleo. But, the diet mentality can thus be present in your everyday life, regardless of if you’re on what you perceive to be a “diet” or not. It’s a mindset, a mentality.


It’s not always easy but the best thing you could ever do for yourself is unpack the diet mentality so you can be free to live your life and do what you’re meant to do.


If you're into health, ditching the diet mentality is pretty well the first step to take toward better health.


The Intuitive Dietitian xx

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