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Understanding Diet Culture

What is Diet Culture? We have to understand the water that we are swimming in, in order to move through it.


Once your eyes are open to diet culture, it’s pretty hard to close them again. Good - this is certainly a situation where ignorance is NOT bliss!


It’s not news amidst Non-Diet Health Professionals that diet culture (including weight stigma & fatphobia) harms health and is actually contributing to a confluence of health factors & issues in our world today.


Watch the full video to gain a snapshot into “Understanding Diet Culture”.  And please tag someone that you think would benefit from hearing this.


PS you’ll find that most people passionate about these messages & about helping others understand & overcome diet culture were once themselves, entrenched in it. I certainly have been. So there’s no judgement. We just really have to broaden our awareness & consciousness. When we know better - we can do better, collectively.


Being open to learning & change based on new information is growth. So, as always, reach out to learn more or unpack further if you feel called to. Understanding diet culture is always intertwined into 1:1 or group work at The Intuitive Dietitian Clinic. And the Clinic also runs Educational talks on Eating Disorder awareness, Understanding Diet Culture, Non-Diet Nutrition & Health At Every Size 


The Intuitive Dietitian xx

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