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I was having this discussion the other night with the ladies I’m taking through the process of Intuitive Eating in a group setting. We had an open discussion about the fears around letting go of the rules that have been long held tightly in place around food, and wanting to understand how we get from where we are now in this phase of release, permission and hyperconscious, to the place where it really becomes ‘intuitive’ with food and movement, and subsequently - balanced (from a place of true desire, not forced actions).

I’m a transparent practitioner and although Intuitive Eating is quite LITERALLY the most liberating experience for someone who battles with food, body, movement, and the societal pressures around all of such (scream it from the rooftops Intuitive Eating gives people their lives back!!), I’m also really honest that it’s hard, uncomfortable work, and if you’ve worked with me you’ve definitely heard that spiel. It feels scary to let go, to start to challenge the perspectives, beliefs, thoughts, behaviours that have been long ingrained and well, where exactly did that even come from? Is that actually helpful and how is this impacting not only my life by the lives of others around me re food, movement, body? It’s deep work and it’s hard to do without…. SUPPORT.

Support is integral to the journey of Intuitive Eating. There are wonderful books you can read about Intuitive Eating (I have many recommendations so PM me if you want some book rec’s to get aquatinted with the idea of IE), you can listen to podcasts, you can have discussions with people familiar with IE, but if you’re serious about the journey and want to step into it wholeheartedly and heal your relationship with food, movement and body and break the cycle, then I truly believe integral to that is having the SUPPORT of someone well versed in Intuitive Eating. Doing it on your own is TOUGH, and generally where confusion and misunderstandings about what it all means is likely to come in.

We spoke about all of this and that at the absolute heart of the process is: TRUST. Trust in yourself. Trust in the process. And the COMFORT in knowing that you have a SUPPORT network within your practitioner, who is with you the whole entire way, for you to share it all with. I say it more than anything but Intuitive Eating is also not an overnight process. It takes time. Give yourself time.

There is so much value in having SUPPORT.

The Intuitive Dietitian xx

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