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I talk about self-compassion a lot.

And that’s because it’s really REALLY important.

Not only for intuitive eating, but for life in general.

I can wholeheartedly say it is a work in progress for me.

When I’m less of a human being than I consider myself to be, when I unintentionally hurt another human, when I don’t get all the work done on my list for the day, when I procrastinate, when I feel a low level or negative emotion – these times are a work in progress for me re generating self-compassion.

It isn’t something that comes naturally to us all, but generating self-compassion is certainly a tool we can learn over time. And it’s a really important one to learn, and continually work on.

We expect so much of ourselves.

We are so hard on ourselves when we are less than we expect from ourselves.

But we are human.

And with being a human, comes the ebs and flows of the human experience. Self-compassion is understanding, and living, with that in mind.

“In the context of intuitive eating specifically, some people have expressed concern that self-compassion might be used as an excuse for over-indulgence or letting yourself off the hook, but this is not the case.” (Resch and Tribole).

“Self-compassion is simply having a neutral but understanding consideration of yourself and your actions.” (Resch and Tribole).

Research has shown that self-compassion helps people overcome their guilt with their eating choices (Adams and Leary 2007). Self-compassion can thus help promote change.

“This is because self-compassion individuals do not criticize or bully themselves when they make a mistake. This makes it easier for them to admit vulnerability and mistakes, change unproductive behaviours, and take on new challenges, such as Intuitive Eating.” (Resch and Tribole).

Do you generate self-compassion?

How do you talk to yourself when you make a mistake (in life in general)?

And in the context of Intuitive Eating, what is the self-talk that goes on when your struggling with your eating?

Take some time to reflect and try to incorporate a little more self-compassion in your thoughts around eating and life in general.

Want some activities to help you generate more self-compassion when it comes to times when you are struggling with your eating? Message me for some material.

The Intuitive Dietitian xx

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