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Quit ignoring hunger!

No..... of course not!

So why do so many f us ignore our cues of hunger when it they settle in?

Thinking there is something wrong with it, even that it might be a bad feeling that we shouldn’t feel, and perhaps that we have failed and lacked willpower when we eat something.

Next time you feel hunger and think “I shouldn’t eat I just ate one hour ago”, “But I had a bigger breakfast than usual, why am I hungry again already what’s wrong with me”, “It’s not lunch time I have to wait”, “I’m going out for a big dinner tonight I’m saving myself” - next time you feel hunger - EAT.

Just as you wouldn’t ignore your bladder telling you it’s time to pee and try to ‘hold off’ as much as you can because then you have ‘willpower’, or because you know you’re going to go out to a fancy toilet to do a ‘big pee later’ - let’s stop ignoring our hormonal cue of hunger (Grehlin) to build trust back in our body and re-connect.

There is a difference between what the mind tells you regarding hunger (or any cue) and what the direct experience is within the present body. Intuitive Eating is about re-connecting you back with the direct experience of the present body. This can be hard to do when diet culture is narking in your ear that you shouldn’t be feeling hunger because you’re going to gain weight or because you just ate one hour ago or because you’re particularly more hungry today than you were yesterday. Trust your body. And quiet down diet culture.

If this is particularly hard for you, it might be time to talk to someone who can offer some guidance and support.

It’s not easy breaking cycles and unhelpful belief patterns but it sure is worth it.

The Intuitive Dietitian xx

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