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Q's to ask when Emotional Eating

In the work of Intuitive Eating, we’re not actually trying to STOP emotional eating. This is “results” focussed which can encourage black and white thinking/feeling (& just plain old remind us of diet culture). We are actually just bringing some awareness and getting curious about our wants, needs & what we are feeling. We leave judgement at the door. There’s no right or wrong, just learning. Emotionally eating is very normal. It’s a very normal role of food. There is nothing “wrong” with you. What’s amazing on this journey is learning that emotional eating can contain a treasure trove of information about yourself to tap into. Next time - ask yourself these questions & see what comes up. This is just one tool we use (& 1 principle we explore) on the journey of Intuitive Eating. Want more? ♾Therapy: Schedule a free 15 minute consult for coaching worldwide via telephone/video. ️ Programs: 3 month & 6 month Intuitive Eating programs available. 1:1 & Group. In person & online. ➿Relevant? Emotional eating, body image issues, binge eating, disordered eating (incl. guilt from eating/food choices, obsessive health tendencies (orthorexia), worry/stress around eating/food), chronic dieting, weight cycling, compulsive & obsessive exercise. ➰My blog is for educational purposes and not individualised nutrition advice, therapy or medical care.

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