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Updated: Feb 24, 2020

I was recently asked to be a part of an article for a company on Intuitive Eating and one of the questions was “Why does Intuitive Eating work?”. After sitting with the question after I’d answered it, I also pondered on - what does that mean exactly – “why does intuitive eating “WORK”? “WORK” for what exactly? It’s a framework for eating, moving and living our life. It just “is”.

Anyway – my response – “It "WORKS" because we are all so individual. No diet, no formula, no app, no health professional, no external voice, no program written by someone other than you can know exactly what your unique hormonal cues of hunger/fullness are, what foods feel good in your body, what foods satisfy you and your taste buds, how much your body needs to feel adequately nourished, what movement you and your body truly enjoy, and the mechanisms you have in place for dealing with emotions.  Only you have those answers.

Seems simple right? Seems like common sense. A ‘theoretical’ understanding of common sense, yet applying it experientially into the life can be a challenge that is usually not a smooth, linear, easy going process. It’s not as easy as ‘flicking on a switch’ to become an Intuitive Eater. It takes quite a lot of work and deep internal reflection. Especially if you’ve been cemented in diet culture for some time. You have to be ready to dive deep inside yourself.

Intuitive Eating isn’t a ‘program’, definitely not a ‘weight-loss program’ for that matter (anyway who promotes it as that - RUN AWAY - it's unethical), it’s an evidence based self-care framework for eating, moving and living your life. It works because it puts you at the centre of the entire framework. You’re at the hub. Not me - your Dietitian and Intuitive Eating Counselor, not your Doctor – whose often in your ear telling you to lose weight, not your PT – who may be scrutinizing your weekend food choices – it’s YOUR journey, no one else’s.

Telling someone what to do doesn’t empower them. Guiding them with a structured tool, bringing them back to complete connection with themselves, and re-establishing innate trust in their own bodily cues and choices – that empowers people for long term change.

The Intuitive Dietitian xx

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