• Monique Jephcote

No 'good' or 'bad' foods

Often we can find ourselves attaching morality to food such as “this food is bad” which can in turn, become a sub-conscious belief system “therefore I am bad”. Having a positive relationship with food means removing the morality you associate with food.


Food is not moralistic. It is food. It’s important we check the language we use around food.


Over the next few days, self-check the morality you attach to food / certain foods when either talking to yourself, your kids, or the people around you. We are all absorbing from our environments and we know that although these thoughts & comments may be well-meaning, if they instil fear, cognitive distortions and / or negativity into another person (& / or ourselves!), then they’re playing into more harm than help.


The good news, once we’re aware, we can create change & that’s pretty powerful. It’s the little things. So repeat: “Food is just food” & little by little food will just become food again. Always reach out if you need to.


The Intuitive Dietitian xx

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