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How do I book in to see a Dietitian?

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

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How do you book in to see a Dietitian?

It seems like a really simple question but I find that people generally don’t know how to go about booking in to see a Dietitian (or what their options are).

Dietitians across different clinics will vary in consultation pricing, mostly ranging from anywhere between $80-$180 for a session.

There are a few options if a dietetic service you are wanting/needing is out of this budget.

1. Do you have Private Health Insurance?

If you have Private Health Insurance, depending on the cover you have elected, your dietetic consultation/s may be partly covered (I have had clients whose first dietetic consultation has been completely covered by their Private Health Fund).

So how do I find out if my Private Health Fund covers dietetic services?

If you don’t remember if you elected for dietetic services to be covered or not, it usually involves a quick phone call to your Private Health Fund and they can tell you the extent of what will be covered.

2. What about an Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) plan from my GP?

Under the Medicare Benefits Schedule, dietetic services can be provided to you if you have:

1. A chronic condition; and

2. Complex care needs being managed by a medical practitioner under a shared care plan or under both a GP Management Plan and Team Care Arrangements, or, if you are a resident of an aged care facility and your medical practitioner has contributed to a multi-disciplinary care plan.

EPC's consist of a maximum of five services in a calendar year.

Under an EPC, a Medicare rebate of $52.95 is issued back to you, meaning a smaller out-of-pocket fee would be paid by you.

At The Intuitive Dietitian Clinic, Initial consultations are $110 and Review consultations are $100. So the out of pocket fee (with an EPC from a GP) for dietetic services is $57.05 and $47.05, respectively, as oppose to the full price.

3. Do you hold a DVA (Gold) card?

If so, a referral from a Doctor can cover the full cost of dietetic services.

4. Are you a pension or concession card holder?

Some dietetic practices will bulk bill if this is the case. This involves getting an Enhanced Primary Care plan (EPC) (like that described at number 2) from your GP and you will be bulk billed, thus, no out-of-pocket fee made. The Intuitive Dietitian bulk bills for pension and concession card holders.

If you have any further questions around this, or want to discuss your options, please feel free to send me an email :)

The Intuitive Dietitian xx

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