• Monique Jephcote


Updated: Aug 10, 2019

***This is NOT for consuming***


- 2 cups fresh, fragrant rose petals

- 3-4 cups distilled water (or enough just to cover the rose petals when in pot)

- ½-1 cup vegetable glycerine, from a health food store of pharmacy (not essential)

- Rose essential oil (not essential)

- Spray bottles or jar to store the rosewater


Using a pot, or deep saucepan, simmer (low heat) the rose petals in the distilled water, covered, for 30 minutes (or until petals have lost their colour and are a pale pink). Allow to steep, covered, until cool.

Strain the mixture to separate the petals from the water, squeeze the separated petals tightly into the water (you may need a nut bag or cheesecloth for this. I used a netted laundry bag).

Add vegetable glycerine and bottle in a clean, airtight container. If you don’t have vegetable glycerine, simply skip this step.

Once in bottles, if you have rose essential oil, place a few droplets into the bottle. Shake well before spraying!

Varitation: Add 3 tablespoons of fresh lemon grass to the roses and simmer according to above.

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