• Monique Jephcote

Hidden forms of dieting

When I talk about dieting, many people respond that they don’t diet, have never dieted, & have no desire to diet. Remember that a diet is anything that encourages restriction in regard to food & body (in every sense of that word). This is sometimes where people realise that in fact the diet mentality is strong, it’s just slightly more insidious in the way it shows up. It’s not as obvious as “I’m starting keto tomorrow”. But it’s the same thing when we peel back the layers.


The thing about the Diet Mentality & Diet Culture is that, it’s so normalised, ingrained, & somewhat encouraged & celebrated, that we may not even recognise its harm.


The first Principle of the 10 Principles of Intuitive Eating is: Principle 1 - Reject the Diet Mentality. Unpacking this principle involves uncovering the hidden forms of dieting & the diet mentality & what lives behind that.


I’m passionate about the journey of Intuitive Eating because we are living in a time where not only are eating disorder rates rising rapidly, but undiagnosed disordered eating & negative body image attitudes are increasing and impacting people’s physical and mental health. I do believe diet culture is playing a central role in this. My patients always hear me say “of course diet culture is not always the catalyst for the commencement of an eating disorder or disordered eating (as this is so multi-factorial & complex), but diet culture almost always plays a role in maintaining an eating disorder or influencing a relapse / lapse”.


We are bringing children into the world with the un-healed parts of ourselves in regards to food, eating behaviours, body image, and we CAN actually break these cycles with judgement free support, tools, understanding, education, compassion & care. Reach out if needed xx

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