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Good snack ideas to shove in my scrubs on days where I don’t actually get a lunch break?

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

Intuitive and Mindful Eating Tweed Heads

I got asked an awesome question by my amazing friend, Savannah, whose a nurse in Townsville.

There’s professions and jobs we all have which limit the “time” we get to eat. Because of our job, it’s not so easy to listen to our hunger cues whenever we please.

We do have to be a little strategic in life.

Intuitive Eating isn’t JUST listening to hunger and fullness cues (it’s the first step and the most important foundation to build). This component is a vital stepping stone on the path. Without it, it’s hard to move forward completely. 

But intuitive eating is so much more than that and includes knowing the day we have that lies ahead, the work shift we are about to start, thinking about, and planning ahead, our meals and food choices in these particular times.

This is where one on one nutrition counselling comes into play and it’s very individualised depending on each persons circumstance.

The above infographic details some great snack ideas to help keep you fuller for longer when you don’t get the chance to sit down and be mindful with food, due to some reason or another. 


Nuts and seeds in a ziplock bag 

Carmen’s muesli bars high protein

Glass of milk 

Protein powder in a shaker - quickly pour some milk in on a toilet run if this is the only chance you get! 

Hard boiled eggs (refrigerate) 

Tuna can on crackers 

Piece of fruit (depends how big ya pockets are)

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