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Fullness and "what do I need?"

“What is it that I need?” is a question that can provide insightful information when we can take a moment to move inward and calmly ask ourselves.

Sometimes we eat past fullness (sometimes aware and sometimes not) without giving ourselves the chance to ask what it is we really need if our physical body is full.

Maybe the need is: connection, sleep, rest, play, the outdoors, physical touch, acceptance, education, support, relaxation, and what we are longing for is to feel full on this!

OR, maybe we just truly want some comfort from food. That’s also completely okay. As a human being, a very normal role of food is to provide comfort (despite the continual demonisation of emotional eating by diet culture).

As a human, it’s also really normal to eat past fullness on some days but it might mean we are lacking something in an area of our life if this is a daily occurrence.

Stopping to ask (compassionately) “what is it that I need right now?” is so very helpful, and can give us an indication of what it is we are actually longing for, what might be lacking in the present moment, and how we can move forward with this new information about ourselves and our needs.

It’s not always easy building this new skill, but give it a go and reach out if you need!

This concept is thoroughly explored in the principles of Intuitive Eating.

The Intuitive Dietitian xx

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