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Cravings and Hunger

Notice how our cravings, most of the time, consist of carbohydrate based foods. Chocolate, pasta, bread, biscuits, chips, fruit, so on.

I mean, how often have you had a craving for brocolli? Our brain and body seeks carbohydrates out (usually fast acting ones) when we’re not feeding our body enough or have ignored the cues of hunger right up until the point we’ve reached ravenous hunger where it becomes PRIMAL and urgent.

Cravings by way of hunger are almost always accompanied by a desire for some type of carbohydrate based food. Your brain and body work really hard to get your attention when it’s hungry. Sometimes this is by way of intense cravings. You can’t outthink your biology. So feed it!

And remember - your cravings are actually a powerhouse of information. If you experience cravings often, be curious without judgement, reflect…

Do you listen to your hunger cues and feed your body accordingly? Do you often wait to eat until your about to knock the pantry door down and collapse? Do you allow yourself to enjoy all foods? There’s so much to learn there. And this is what the journey of Intuitive Eating is all about so reach out if you feel called to.

There are of course other reasons for cravings such as nutrient deficiencies and hormonal shifts etc. But sometimes, we are truly just hungry!!

The Intuitive Dietitian xx

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