• Monique Jephcote

Core Value - Growth

The 3rd and final Core Value of The Intuitive Dietitian Clinic is growth.

Including personal, spiritual, emotional, psychological growth.

"We will grow by stepping outside our comfort zones and embrace the un-comfortability that comes with this, because we are committed to progressing and bettering ourselves as human beings."

And so the journey of Intuitive Eating must first start with compassion for ourselves in understanding where we have come from and how we have become the way we are.

Which then connects us back to ourselves, our minds, our bodies, our eating experiences, naturally.

Which furtherly connects us to others enhancing that feeling of connection, which ultimately leads to... growth.

In so many more ways than one.

We are on a journey of life and as we find ourselves arriving to a place of wanting to better ourselves in one way or another, we must embrace stepping out into that un-comfortability because on the other side of our comfort zone comes growth!

And the 3 Core Values of TID naturally intertwine yet again, because it is only when we are met with compassion and feel a sense of belonging (connection) with those around us assisting us on this path, do we feel SAFE and SUPPORTED enough to take that leap of faith toward the change (growth) we are striving toward.

Connection. Compassion. Growth.

The Intuitive Dietitian xx

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