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Core Value - Connection

Connection is the 2nd Core Value of The Intuitive Dietitian Clinic.

I come from a place of believing that connection is truly the reason we are all here.

Therefore, it couldn’t possibly not make it into the top 3 Core Values.

Connection enriches the human experience. Without it - we’d be obsolete. And there are a few key things in my world which signifies connection.

At The Intuitive Dietitian Clinic, we ensure that:

“When in the presence of another, there will be understanding, trust, comfortability and a feeling of belonging”.

Thus central to Connection is:

- Trust

- Understanding

- Comfortability

- Belonging

And this is what we, at The Intuitive Dietitian Clinic, strive to provide each and every time you step into the space.

In regards to Intuitive Eating, it is all about Connection! When you heal your relationship with food, mind and body, you are in fact, healing your self-connection; which in turn will help you to connect with others again.

Across cultures for generations and generations, food has been a powerful vehicle for creating connection and love. It is much more than nourishment.

So, Connection within The Intuitive Dietitian Clinic has a combination of meanings and is a very important value!

The Intuitive Dietitian xx

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