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An appt. with The Intuitive Dietitian

Ever curious about what an appointment with a Non-Diet Dietitian looks like?

It might be a little different to your expectations, or what you have previously experienced before in the world of Dietitian appointments.

Read below to find out....

You imagine walking into a Dietitian’s office…… Scales on the right of the door entrance. A measuring tape loosely draped across the desk. Images of vegetables and fruit line the walls. A BMI chart and grams of carbs, protein, fat in various food items to the edge corner of the desk. 

You’re then weighed, measured, and asked what you eat, all before you’ve even registered the name of the Dietitian assessing you. And you feel just that… assessed. 

You walk away not only feeling assessed but judged. And you’re never going to go back, because you feel as though you’ve done something wrong. 

The Intuitive Dietitian (TID) Clinic thinks a lot differently about nutrition than these traditional methods of dietetics. Working from a body positive space, TID Clinic works on helping you return home to you, by listening and understanding you first, and educating and empowering you second. Helping you to break free from diet culture and develop a positive relationship with food, movement and your body. Every step of the way, TID are there. 

NO DIETS, no food fear, no judgement, no good or bad foods, no calorie deficits. TID Clinic offers a safe and accepting space to help reframe how you think and feel about food, your body and movement.

Diets fail – this isn’t new news! It’s plastered all over the research and in our own personal experiences.

A refreshing approach to nutrition exists… finally.

Walking into a catch up with the caring team at TID Clinic, there’s no scales or measuring tapes, there’s no images of dubbed ‘health’ foods lining the walls. It’s a judgement free zone where the care is focused on helping you become more connected to the direct messages of your body in order to meet your physical and psychological needs.

TID Clinic supports and guides clients in learning how to practice Intuitive Eating. That is, eating in response to hunger and fullness cues, and rediscovering the joy and pleasure in food. Intuitive Eating is a journey of learning and discovery, an Evidence Based Framework, Health At Every Size* aligned, and is an integration of mind-body knowledge.

TID Clinic works off an evidence based, self-care eating framework which integrates instinct, emotional and rational thought. Many Health Professionals are practising this all over the world and are experiencing great success with clients, including improvement of physical and psychological well-being, decreased disordered eating and decreased depression. These results lead to increased sustainable, enjoyable self-care behaviours such as positive long term eating and movement, while offering freedom from restriction and the vicious dieting cycle.

The Intuitive Dietitian xx

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