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3 needs met before emotional eating

Emotional eating is very normal. Food has played the role of comforting us since we first came out of the womb. I hope after following me for some time we can (even if partially) agree: emotional eating doesn’t deserve the bad wrap it gets from diet culture. Below is why. 

Because of the way it’s so heavily demonised in diet culture, we are often so busy being hard on ourselves or judging ourselves for it that we have completely numbed ourselves to the experience of it. There’s no awareness, no enjoyment. This is when it becomes unhelpful. Note, even at this point, it’s never about judgement. It’s about bringing awareness and curiosity so we can learn from ourselves to create something ultimately more helpful for us in the end ⬇️

Emotional eating can be a powerful tool. It can house a treasure trove of information. While remaining aware and non-judgemental, we can ponder, are even my most basic needs being met?

Sometimes they will be. And we will simply be turning to food for some momentary comfort that’s perhaps situational. This is completely okay (really... yes really!). It’s a normal role that food plays. We stay aware and mindful in the experience, grateful that food can give us this comfort  Other times, they may not be, and what results might be quite a numbing experience. That’s when we start to explore that further and put some tools in place to help you ultimately get to know yourself better.

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