Is this service for you?

Do you often excessively think about the way in which a food is going to affect your body shape (or health)

Do you ever feel guilty or experience a negative psychological reaction in response to eating certain foods?


Do you let your body shape/size define any proportion of your worthiness or ability to be loved?


Are you confused about what, when, and how much to eat?


Have you dieted before, maybe many times, only to regain the weight, time after time?


Are you sick of what you’ve done so many times before, but the thought of accepting your body seems really scary?

Let’s end the cycle here….


We know that dieting doesn’t work. Not only do diets fail 95% of the time, but dieting is a known risk factor for development of eating disorders, disordered eating, weight gain, increased body dissatisfaction and poor health outcomes over time. Diets are incredibly unsustainable and significantly damage our relationship with food and our body. They more often than not, take us far further away from ‘health’ and our original goals in the first place. But people don’t know what they don’t know and that’s why we are here!


So what’s the alternative?


At The Intuitive Dietitian Clinic, we support and guide clients in learning how to practice Intuitive Eating. That is, eating in response to hunger and fullness cues, and enjoying food again. This is an evidence based approach that many Health Professionals are practicing all over the world and experiencing great success with clients, including improvement of physical and psychological well-being, while offering the freedom from restriction and the vicious dieting cycle.

At the end of the day, what is it that you'd like to experience in your life, right now?

Life is too darn beautiful and you are far too worthy to spend it dieting any longer...​

- To feel comfortable within your own body?

- For food choices to be less stressful and less guilt evoking?

- For eating to be 'easy', 'stress-free', and 'intuitive'?

- To feel heard...understood?

- To finally be helped in a way that doesn't simply perpetuate the harmful mindset that's been settled in for most of your life?

- To feel WORTHY?

- To feel loveable?

- To feel more free, more present, more connected to food, and to the joyful experience of eating?

The thing about traditional weight loss methods up until this point, is that they drive people far further away from these notions than ever before. We know this from our own experiences, from the experiences of our clients, from the copious amounts of research we have pointing to this, and from an understanding of our biological wiring.

At The Intuitive Dietitian Clinic, we use the evidence based self-care framework of Intuitive Eating to help you re-establish trust in your body's innate cues of hunger and fullness, discover what foods satisfy you and feel good within your unique body, learning how to move in enjoyable ways, and working toward developing body respect and kindness.

The Intuitive Diettiain Clinic believes in breaking cycles. Often, our relationship with food and body has been passed down within familial units with most people being able to date back their first diet and body dislike to a very young age. How beautiful it is that you have arrived here to break that cycle and create a new, more helpful cycle to pass down.

What is Intuitive Eating and why does it work? Intuitive Eating works because we are all so individual. No diet, no formula, no app, no health professional, no external voice, no program written by someone other than you can know exactly what your unique hormonal cues of hunger/fullness are, what foods feel good in your body, what foods satisfy you and your taste buds, how much your body needs to feel adequately nourished, what movement you and your body truly enjoy, and the mechanisms you have in place for dealing with emotions. Only you have those answers.

There is one thing that all of us must do every single day of our lives. We cannot live without doing it. Eat. To be disconnected from that experience, or for it to be an overwhelming, difficult, guilt-inducing or stressful thing to partake in, is to be disconnected from your entire being, every, single, day.


You deserve to know that a life where you can feel more free, more present, and more connected to food, your mind and your body, and to the joyful experience of eating, does in fact, exist.