'The enjoyment of knowing that you have walked away better, more free, more present, more connected to food, movement, and your body, and to the joyful experience of eating, from being in our caring presence.'

Break free from food and body shame - and finally, return home to you

When we work together, you won't be put on a diet, so there's no need to engage in 'last supper eating' before your first appointment. You won't need to worry about being met with judgement for 'imperfect eating' (after all - there is NO such thing as 'perfect eating').

There's no diets, no food fear, no weight loss gimmicks, no good or bad foods, no calorie counting/deficits - no diet culture!

The Intuitive Dietitian Clinic instead, offers you a safe, supportive and accepting space to help reframe how you think about, and feel toward food, eating, your body and movement. Read more here about what an appointment with The Intuitive Dietitian looks like.

Listening and understanding you first, educating and empowering you second

Our weight-inclusive, non-diet, judgement free and compassionate approach to health combines the science of nutrition and your body's physiology, with your own body's internal wisdom so you can ditch the diet mentality (for good) and live a life free of food and body shame. 

The Intuitive Dietitian Clinic offers in person appointments at our Tweed Heads Clinic, Home Visits depending on circumstance/distance, and virtual/online/telehealth appointments. Rebates (Medicare, Private Health, DVA) are available, please click here for more information on rebates.


The Clinic is strongly aligned with the Non-Diet Approach, Body Acceptance, Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size philosophies. We pride ourselves on focusing on your health and wellbeing, rather than your weight/size, in all services.